What is the Best DSLR Camera for Photography?


Do you want to take your photography to the next level? The digital SLR is definitely your perfect pick. The DSLR camera has been, for years, the top choice for both professional and entry-level photography. So, whether you are a pro photographer or a beginner, the DSLR camera offers you three major capabilities –interchangeable lenses, superb pin-sharp clarity and manual control. Here, we sample the best DSLR camera for photography. we conclude by suggesting the overall best among the top contenders.






Canon EOS 200D





The Canon EOS 200D is one of the best DSLR cameras produced by cannon. Its operation does not require expertise since it is easy to use. This camera uses a touchscreen, unlike other cameras that might require manual operations. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its weight and size. It is light and tiny hence its portability and convenient. Canon EOS 200D is characterized with Dual Pixel AF feature which enables it to capture performances in its nature. The DSLR camera is enhanced by its optical viewfinder just like its 1300D counterpart. With an improved sensor of 24.2MP APS-C, its speed has been greatly boosted 5fps. Its shutter speed is also very high hence it can talk multiple photos in an instance. Notwithstanding the above exemplary features is its video quality which can be taken in a quality that is up to 1080p full HD with a mic (external) for better sound. Undoubtedly, this would be one of the best available options that you can choose from.






Nikon D850




For an individual looking for DSLR camera, this is undoubtedly one of the topmost available options. Its price is commensurate with the features that it carries. To begin with is its 45.4 sensor, meaning the images it captures are brought out in its intimate and clear nature. Additionally, it contains an amazing and spectacular shooting speed of 7fps meaning it would capture accurately multiple images even when on a motion. Its optic viewfinder is also a feature to look at, this component is large. Overly, this is a camera that is a perfect fit for a wide variety of adventures that you would like to explore.




Canon EOS 5D Mark IV








This is a much-improved camera than its predecessors. It has a powerful sensor of 30.4 hence capturing images in its relative nature. This camera also has a DIGIC 6+ image processor and this means that it is sensitive and able to take quality pictures in an area of low-light. The above camera also has 4K (4096 x 2160) feature for taking video which is able to record at speed of 30fps. It is worth noting that it contains a 3.2-inch touch screening meaning it is simple to use and convenient in its operations. This means it can take at a high speed. Furthermore, this camera is durable and suitable for adverse weather condition since it has been developed as such. In case you are searching for a DSLR camera for your exploits, you want to consider this exquisite beauty.





Nikon D500




This camera contains most features that the entire range of DSLR cameras have. To begin with, it has an amazing sensor of 20.9 MP, meaning it is able to accurately capture images and moments without any distortion. Its shooting speed of 10fps is also an added advantage, hence, able to capture subsequent rapidly ensuing events for instance in sports amongst other events. Moreover, the camera is characterized with awesome AF systems and backed with features that enable it to take quality pictures even in absence of enough light. For an individual who might want to record videos, this camera would be an available option since it can record videos with both high resolutions and low relations depending on your preferred option. Finally, this camera contains Bluetooth and WIFI meaning you can directly send photos and videos directly to your phone or intended destination. This is definitely one of the big shots among the DSLR camera range and is a choice pick. You want to try it out!



Nikon D7500



To begin with, this camera is relatively cheap compared to other DSLR cameras. It contains a sensor of 20.9MP, therefore, it is able to take quality pictures at a frequency of 8fps at a fair speed. This camera is also characterized by a 4k UHD video but you can record videos of lower quality depending on your preferred option. Moreover, this camera has Bluetooth and WIFI connection hence you can transfer your images to a preferred destination. Just like its counterparts, this camera contains 3.2 touch screen which makes its operation simple. Are you looking for a DSLR camera that is low-priced and friendly to your pockets? This the is the perfect pick for you. With its amazing features coupled with a friendly price, it definitely features on top of the list of the best DSLR cameras for photography.



Canon 7D Mark II



This camera is characterized by a relatively faster speed of 10fps, therefore, it is able to take multiple images of a go. Moreover, you can customize this camera based on your choice. Additionally, this camera contains 65-point autofocus meaning it can clearly take moving objects however for video recordings you can take adjust the speed of which you are recording an event. To distinguish this camera is the full HD video which can be taken in MP4 which is usually a preferred format for some videographers. If you would want to transfer your photos and files this camera would provide the best option since it has a 3.0 USB Port.






Verdict: So what is the Best DSLR Camera for Photography?






The DSLR cameras we review above are some of the best available options from which you can choose from. They contain impressive sensors and autofocus that would capture an image accurately even when it is moving. These cameras also can record high-quality videos depending on the quality that you want. So, if you ask, what is the best camera for photography? Generally, Nikon D500 would be the best option for you. This camera contains all features that an individual would be looking for in a DSLR camera. Nikon D500 would in any circumstance take images in their relative nature without any distortion. Even with the absence of adequate light, the camera is able to give you quality pictures. You would also be in a position to take quality and sharp images with this kind of a camera since it has a 10fps and a powerful autofocus. Moreover, just like its counterparts, it has a Bluetooth and a WIFI connection hence you would easily transfer your photos and files. When you take a look at the features it contains and its amazingly affordable price, you would be left with one conclusion: that is the best DSLR camera for photography.




What is the Best DSLR Camera? 


The Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is a compact, lightweight, versatile model
which allows for maximum range of use for the serious photographer without
limiting itself by location or specialization. The DSLR market is complex,
competitive, constantly innovating and improving and with every new idea and
accessory things get better and better. Technology progresses at the speed of
thought, and it’s hard to know what makes one DSLR better than another. For the
layman one high end DSLR will show no notable difference to the others, but for
the serious photographer any edge is important. Herein we will explain how to
define the best DSLR camera and what makes one good, before we decide which
model takes home the trophy. Which is the best partner in the search for that
perfect shot?

What Makes a DSLR Camera Good? 

There are arange of things that make for a quality camera. There’s high resolution lenses obviously, as well as 4k video, autofocus, fast shooting and of course the question of
sheer megapixel power. What we want is a camera that can do it all, from action
shots to distance work. There are also a series of features that make for an
edge, because there’s nothing we won’t cram into a camera if it’ll help us.
Resolution and focus are essential of course, but we love our toys and add ons.


So how do we balance these many features? Overall functionality? Range of use? Any one given task? Well the most important feature of a DSLR is versatility, so in this article we’re going for the best generalist, rather than the ones that are best for each type of photography. So, no matter how good it is for action you won’t find the 1DX Mark 3 among our contenders.


We’ll be considering ease of use, effectiveness, functionality, range and even convenience of use and carrying, nothing but the best all round DSLR will do. The only thing you
won’t find listed here is price. After all, we’re talking quality here, not


The Main Contenders

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The Cannon
5D Mark IV is a serious contender for the best DSLR. It is expensive, but if
you’re going to be serious about this it should be well worth it. It packs 30.4
megapixels, not the highest on the market, but it comes with a host of
convenience features that make it suitable for whatever you need done. It has
4K video, touch screen functionality, faster shooting and higher resolution
than most. What it has above everything else is its versatility, it can’t just
do everything, it’s good at everything, from mountain ranges, to sleeping
kittens to formula 1. It does lack a little in the sheer power department
though, which is a point against it.

Nikon D810

It says a lot about the state of Nikon’s recent models that the only offering they have
that’s even close to a contender is the three-year-old D810. Still, the old
beast holds up, with the second-best megapixel count on its market. It has a
speedy processor and holds up under even the toughest conditions with its low
light performance and durability. It’s also had years to gain a nice little
catalogue of optional extras and lenses. The most significant problem is the fact
that while it does a lot of things adequately, it doesn’t do anything
particularly well. If you have an amateur photographer who’s looking to step up
their game, or someone who wants a good camera for shooting this is something
worth thinking of. If Nikon takes a significant step up on its next model from
this base, it might have some hope of knocking Cannon off the throne.
Cannon EOS 5DS R

There’s something to be said for a big boy’s toy, and the 5DSR is the biggest on the
market. It’s the highest resolution DSLR on the market in 2017. It’s an
impressive piece for landscape and still life photographers, with its
incredible 50.6 megapixels of resolution, topping out its nearest competitor by
almost 15 megapixels. Where it shoots itself in the foot is its lack of range
in functionality. It is designed for still life and doesn’t have any of the little
tweaks that make video easy. It also lacks some of the ease of use of the other
top models, but if all you want is clarity of shot, then this is the one for



The Final Verdict. 

Its hard to pick a winner, and it’s easy to feel a natural inclination to go for power
and intensity. It’s an obvious advantage and it feels counterintuitive not to
take it. So, it’s almost apologetically that we hand the title over the 5D Mark
IV. No matter how much we want to want the 5DS R as we said it’s versatility
we’re pushing for. It can do anything, and there’s nothing we can do but take
our hats off to a camera you can take anywhere, do anything with, and still be
impressed with the results. The D820 can do a few things it can’t, but it can’t
do anything nearly as well. Cannon has been the leading brand in DLR for quite
a while now and it still has the title.

The best camera for any photographer is the one that matches your needs. Even with a
good recommendation, different cameras are the best for different things. So, do the rounds and think about the kind of pictures you’re
going to be taking when you pair them with the camera you’re going to be using.
Simply buying the best reviewed model is fine, but it can lead to spending
money you don’t need to. Having the objective best quality is a fine thing, and
it’s obvious why you’d be tempted, but nothing quite beats finding exactly what
you need.

Of course,
by this time next year we’ll have a whole new catalogue of models to salivate
over, but for those who want the edge right now, the 5D is as close to a master
of all trades as anything can be.

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